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Mall Publications, publishers of quality and inexpensive, school-driven journals also publish classic reproduction copies of very rare early twentieth century Irish language teaching posters.

We have been publishing "'The Irish School Journal', an all-island student journal, for the past 18 years. The student journal is replete with old Irish proverbs, anecdotal wisdoms, useful information and 'sponge' exercises.

Post primary schools of any size can avail of our customised hardcover or softcover student journals. These journals may be dated or undated. We publish a "lán ghaelach" version also.

The revised and updated version of "The Irish Primary School Journal" is available in softcover and hardcover and is a quality product at a truly competitive price.

Our posters, a series of four viz. Ádhbar Cainnte an Mhúinteora (old Irish: meaning conversation topics for the teacher) are beautifully reproduced in dramatically true period colours.The complete set of four posters depicts the Irish way of life at the turn of the last century in its many and varied facets. Life as it was then is brightly and vividly captured by the artist, who went under the pseudonym 'Misneach' (Gaelic for courage) These period reproductions include modes of transport, trades, occupations, crafts, pastimes, schooling and agricultural methods, farm life, trades and implements used at the time. (See product page)

We also carry an unique poster "The Irish Proclamation".

A new journal, "My Irish Journal" has been added to our range of publications and replaces its predecessor "My Own Irish Journal".